Older Member's Association

OM Traditions

The OM’s have a strong sense of tradition. One example is the OM attire. For any OM special event, all OM’s dress in a navy blue blazer, gray slacks, a white shirt and a red tie. Whenever an OM or an immediate family member of an OM passes away, the OM’s pay their respects as a group in their OM attire. This tradition dates back 30-40 years.

Another example is the OM songs. The OM’s have been singing the Boys Club Marching song at the OM Show for many years. In 1998, the title of the song was changed to the Boys & Girls Club Marching song and the words updated accordingly. About 15 or so years ago, an OM wrote the music and lyrics to a song about the organization and its members, entitled “Proud To Be An OM”. That song is also sung by the OM’s at each OM Show.