Older Member's Association

The Annual Recognition Dinner

In 1927, the Association feted the Bristol High School basketball team and continued for the following ten years. In 1937, Charles “Stretch” Murphy became the Executive Director of the Club and inaugurated the Recognition Banquet. This affair was held for the purpose of recognizing and honoring Boys Club members who have made outstanding achievements in athletic, recreational and educational activities during the year.

In 1948, this event became known as The Annual Recognition Dinner and included the naming of the “Boy of the Year”. This award was given to the member of the club that had distinguished himself in the areas of character, achievement and leadership. This award become a very prestigious honor for the young men of Bristol. Several current OM’s are past recipients and other recipients have made significant contributions to business and the city.

This annual award continued until 1998, at which time it became known as The Youth of the Year Award, which now honors an outstanding boy or girl. The Annual Recognition Dinner has also evolved over the years. Currently, in addition to honoring the Youth of the Year, this event recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of several individuals and teams involved with the Bristol Boys & Girls Club. This past year’s event included 400 club members, volunteers, staff and supporters of the Bristol Boys & Girls Club.