Older Member's Association

The OM’s Today

The Older Members Association continues to be a vibrant and vital organization supporting the Bristol Boys & Girls Club. Active membership currently is around 40 members with another 13 Honorary and Life members. One of the unique characteristics of the OM’s is the longevity of service to the organization. The most senior OM has been an active member for 53 years; 7 members with more that 30 years of service and 8 members with over 20 years of service. That commitment to service in itself is extraordinary.

In addition to the OM Show, the OM’s have also sponsored a numerous variety of other events either to raise money or do something for the community:

  • Snowball dances, a formal dance for 7th and 8th grade students, in the 40’s and 50’s.
  •  Sweetheart dances in the 60’s and 70’s
  • Grammar school basketball tournaments in the 60’s and 70’s
  • Hosted an NBA basketball event in the 70’s
  • Operated a concession stand for 17 years at Muzzy Field, a local baseball park that has hosted American Legion Baseball, Big East College Baseball Tournament, local and regional high school baseball, soccer and football games, etc.
  • OM Basketball Classic – a pre-season high school basketball tournament

Today, the OM’s raise an average of $25,000 annually, all of which directly supports youth programming at the Club.

In addition to financial support, the OM’s remain extremely active in volunteering their time and talents to the Bristol Boys & Girls Club. For example, snow plowing services have been donated to the Club for over 40 years. The current facility is very old and has seen its better day, so there are always painting and repairing jobs that need to be done. Just recently, the toilets had to be repaired and the showers had to be re-grouted. The OM’s handled it. The front door to the Club was broken and parts were no longer available. One of the OM’s engineered a solution and had a replacement part manufactured to fix the door. There are countless other examples.

The OM’s continue to meet every other Wednesday for dinner just as the founders did. Business is discussed and ideas generated on how best to continue our support for the Club. At our 75th Anniversary Celebration in 1998, Jim Truscio, executive Director of the Bristol Boys & Girls Club had this to say about the OM’s

When some organizations start they are fruitful for five years, sometimes ten years. But, the OM’s have been fruitful for the community and the Bristol Boys & Girls Club for 75 years. And they not just put their names on the membership rolls or only attended their weekly dinners. They have put their hearts into our mission and  brought their ideas and enthusiasm for hard work and service to our Club.

When you learn about our history, our culture and our achievements, you can understand why we are proud to be OM’s.